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Electrical Audit Repair Test & Hire Company


 ... since 1998​

Earthco Ltd has been serving the electrical utility industry since 1998 from its premises in Ely but we have now moved into new premises in Witchford Cambridgeshire.

The company was started by Mr Derek Barker after following a successful career in Manweb and at this current time Earthco Ltd is the only independent test lab in the country.

Earthco Ltd has been an accredited company to ISO 9000 since 2004, in 2008 we upgraded to ISO 9001 and continue to be an accredited company. In 2014 we received full accreditation from NAIL4PET in North America making us the first accredited lab outside of North America at what we do within the electricity industry.

In our roll of supporting the electrical utility industry with its testing of insulated products from various classes of rubber gloves up to insulated vehicles that are used to work live on the 11Kv powerlines.

Currently Earthco Ltd employs 10 people to carry out the testing of equipment both at our test lab in Witchford and also at customers premises all over the country.


We travel from Witchford to as far as the North of Scotland  and Cornwall depending on the customers location. The testing is carried out with all the recommended test equipment which is calibrated annually by the equipment manufactures.

At Earthco Ltd we take pride in providing all of our customers the same high quality and efficient friendly service. We welcome visits to the test lab from customers and their work force, during training courses we demonstrate how the testing is carried out and also how to look after the equipment.

We all look forward to carrying on the high quality of service to all customers now and in the future.

Derek Barker


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